Westchester County's September 11th Memorial incorporates the names of all the Westchester residents who died, the communities in which they lived and a quote about them from their loved ones. These words are engraved along the outside of the memorial's circular base. Steel rods extend from the base like the spokes of a wheel before reaching skyward and intertwining. The memorial is surrounded by landscaping that includes perennial plantings and park benches.

The memorial is located at the intersection of many pathways and viewpoints,and thereby extends its presence into the surrounding landscape. The Rising is an open structure. It can be approached from all directions and allows people of all ages and abilities to view it, as well as move through it.

The Architect
The Rising is the work of Frederic Schwartz, an internationally renowned Manhattan architect who, among many other accomplishments, designed the new Staten Island Ferry Terminal and who was also selected to create the September 11th Memorial for the State of New Jersey.

He founded the THINK team, whose design was selected as a finalist for the redesign of the World Trade Center. Schwartz, whose place of business was in view of the Twin Towers and who donated his time to the project, said that he wanted to design a memorial that expressed the immensity of such a loss while still conveying a sense of hope. His intention was to honor each person individually and unite them together as a community.

Schwartz won a citation award from the Westchester/Mid-Hudson chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for his design of The Rising.

Support The Rising Endowment Fund
For the memorial to be an everlasting tribute, donations are needed to help with its upkeep and the ongoing care and maintenance of its surrounding gardens and landscaping. Your support will ensure that The Rising can be viewed and appreciated by generations to come. With every donation, The Rising truly becomes a community memorial, uniting those who were not personally affected with those who have lost loved ones and who seek to preserve their memory. All donations to Westchester Parks Foundation, whether cash or in-kind, are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged. Contributions over $100 will receive a special certificate. Individual funding programs are available and can also be created.

If you'd like to contribute, call (914) 231-4600.