The Westchester County 9/11 First Responders Memorial, dedicated to those who lost their lives due to 9/11 related illnesses has been placed next to The Rising. The memorial is made up of granite stones set on a stone veneer wall. Each stone is etched with the names of the Westchester first responders lost to 9/11 related illnesses. A light – which will be known as the Eternal Light – is centered between the two walls, directly across the entrance to The Rising. This light will shine 24/7 to signify the light shone on the County by those this memorial intends to honor. If you know a Westchester County resident who passed away from a 9/11 related illness, please email so that name may be added to the memorial. The 9/11 First Responders Memorial ensures that the sacrifice of all lost that day and thereafter will never be forgotten.