Willson's Waves features four exciting water recreation areas for people of all ages. The wave pool, which has a graduated depth from 0 inches to six feet, offers three-foot waves to bounce bathers around for six-minute intervals. Two 18-foot-high, run-out water slides offer riders a quick splash downward landing them in 10 inches of water. An interactive water playground shoots out sprays, fountains, cascades and “curtains.”  The level surface of the spray deck has 57 different spray heads offering an ideal place to cool off for people of all ages.

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Aerial view of Willson's Wave Pool

Willson's Wave beach house and pool

Willson's Waves water slide

children on Willson's Waves water slide

Willson's Waves wave pool

Willson's Waves water jet fountains

Willson's Waves deck area

Willson's Waves water playground