William Sloane with horse William with horse in front of main dwelling
Although William Sloane had relatively little leisure time, Merestead was a country estate designed for a gracious, and elegant lifestyle. Built at a time when automobiles were replacing the horse, the estate reflects the elegance associated with a love of horses. The doorbells were designed at a height for ringing when one would be sitting on a horse and there were horse trails that ran throughout the estate that have been restored.

Bits and tack Bits and tack marked "WS"
Family history tells us that William Sloane enjoyed horses. His favorite Merestead horse was Benares. 

In the morning, William would be driven to the train station in an automobile by the chauffer. If William had the time and the weather permitted, after work, he preferred to return from the Mount Kisco train station driving a horse and wagon. William never learned how to drive an automobile.

Garden view Garden view, circa 1909
Mrs. Sloane loved gardening. The landscape firm of Saltus and Sanger designed the perennial garden and rose garden. A regulation croquet court was set in the middle of the perennial garden.