If you are interested in butterflies, then the place to go is the Trailside Nature Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. During the summer months, butterfly and moth hatcheries are maintained inside the museum for a close look at the miracle of metamorphosis.

Be sure to go butterflying at the outside demonstration butterfly garden which attracts parades of butterflies. The brochure, Butterflies of Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, lists 83 species that have been seen on the grounds. 

For more information about butterflies, learn more from the North American Butterfly Association.

Endangered Butterfly Species
Common NameScientific Name
West Virginia White Pieris virginiensis
Bronze Copper Lycaena hyllus
Silver-bordered Fritillary Boloria selene
Aphrodyte Fritillary Speyeria aphrodyte
Regal Fritillary Speyeria idalia
Two-spotted Skipper Euphyes bimacula
Leonard’s Skipper Hesperia leonardus

Threatened Butterfly Species
Common NameScientific Name
Silvery Checkerspot Chlosyne nycteis

Special Concern Butterfly Species
Common NameScientific Name
Brown Elfin Callophrys augustinus
Eyed Brown Satyrodes eurydice
Edward’s Hairstreak Satyrium edwardsii
Harris’ Checkerspot Chlosyne harrisii
Meadow Fritillary Boloria bellona
Dion Skipper Euphyes dion