Westchester County Parks undergoes a continuous five-year capital projects program to rebuild, improve and add to its over 50 parks and facilities. Projects currently in design or under construction include:

RGI11-General Infrastructure-Parks Dams and Bridges II

  • Design underway for the rehabilitation of Wampus Pond and Gedney Pond Dams at Saxon Woods.

RGI12-General Infrastructure-Paving and Resurfacing

  • Miscellaneous park paving projects are complete.

RGIP3-General Infrastructure-Maintenance Facility

  • Rehabilitation of General Maintenance Facility under design.

RGIP5-General Infrastructure-Roofing Systems

  • Miscellaneous roofing projects are complete.

RGP11-Salt Shed Facilities

  • Design underway for salt shed facilities.

RGP13-General Infrastructure –Equipment Acquisition (2021-2025)

  • Yearly bond to purchase heavy equipment.
  • Senior fitness equipment.

RGP14-General Infrastructure-Water Filling Stations

  • Throughout the Parks System.

RGC02-Maple Moor Golf Course Buildings Rehabilitation

  • New maintenance garage under construction.

RGC05-Mohansic Golf Course Rehabilitation

  • New cart storage barn and rehabilitation of restrooms and locker-rooms in clubhouse under construction.

RGC12-Dunwoodie Golf Course Parking and Clubhouse Improvements

  • Design complete for new maintenance garage.

RGHH1-Hudson Hills Golf Course Improvements

  • Construction complete for pathway and drainage improvements and tree planting.

RGM01-Mohansic Golf Course Maintenance Facility

  • Design nearing completion for a new maintenance garage and rehabilitation of historic barns.

RGMM1-Maple Moor Golf Course Buildings

  • Conversion of old maintenance garage for cart storage construction complete.

RBM03-Blue Mountain Reservation Site Work

  • Construction to begin on new electric service, communications, sanitary sewer and potable water.

RBM04-Blue Mountain Reservation Building Rehabilitation

  • Design underway for the rehabilitation of various buildings throughout the reservation.

RBM05-Blue Mountain Sportsmen Center Rehabilitation II

  • Design underway for building improvements.

RBM06-Blue Mountain Reservation Dam Project

  • Rehabilitation construction of dams complete.

RBR02-Bronx River Parkway Reservation-Scout Field

  • Improvements to the grounds underway.

RBR04-Bronx River Parkway Reservation

  • Construction to begin soon on the Pathway connection from Midland Avenue south to the Oak Street loop.

RCL01-Cranberry Lake Preserve Nature Center

  • Design nearing completion for a new nature center.

RCL02-Cranberry Lake Preserve Site Work

  • Design underway for resurfacing roadway and parking areas, adding new parking areas, accessible trails and boardwalk.

RCP10-Croton Point Park Maintenance Facility

  • Design underway.

RCP7B-Croton Point Park Day Uses & Picnic Areas

  • New bathhouse under construction at beach.

RGE04-George’s Island Infrastructure

  • New water line and secondary feeds to picnic pavilions and restrooms construction to begin shortly.

RGI030-04-Glen Island Bridge Rehabilitation II and III

  • Design underway.

RKD02- Kensico Dam Plaza Storage Building

  • Design underway.

RKL01-Tarrytown Lighthouse Restoration

  • Construction and rehabilitation to begin shortly.

RKP01-Kingsland Point Park Infrastructure

  • Design nearing completion for new waterline.

RKP02-Kingsland Point Park Bulkhead Replacement

  • Design nearly complete for the new sea wall and shoreline rehabilitation.

RLAS5- Lasdon Buildings

  • Construction underway for the interior and exterior rehabilitation of the Main House.

RLAS6-Lasdon Infrastructure/Site Work II

  • Design underway for pathway improvements, septic system, garden renovation and new tree collections.

RLEN2- Lenoir Preserve Buildings

  • Renovation of the Wightman Mansion construction underway.

RMAC3-V.E. Macy Park Site Work

  • Construction underway for a new playground, and pathway and ballfield improvements.

RMAC4-Woodlands Lake Dam at V.E. Macy Park

  • Construction to begin shortly.

RMF02 – Reconstruction of Memorial Field

  • Under construction.

RMS01 – Merestead Site Development/Buildings

  • Rehabilitation reconstruction nearing completion for the exterior of the Main House.

RMS03 – Merestead Out Buildings

  • Design soon underway for the rehabilitation of the Farmhouse.

RML03-Mountain Lakes Park Dam Project

  • Construction underway for the rehabilitation of dams.

RMUS3-Muscoot Farm Facility Improvements

  • New restroom building and septic system under design.

RMUS6-Muscoot Farm Building Restoration

  • Rehabilitation of Main House design complete.

RMUS7-Muscoot Farm Site Work

  • Drainage, fencing, landscaping, pathways and parking area under design.

RPA01-General Infrastructure Program-Pathways and Trails

  • Playland Pathway and connection to Rye train station construction complete.

RPA03-North and South County Trailway Infrastructure

  • Construction of North County Trailway from Eastview to Putnam County line complete. Construction of South County Trailway from Route119 to Barney Street underway.

RTB05-Tibbetts Brook Park Infrastructure

  • Construction underway for repaving of pathways and roadways, storm drainage, parking improvements and planting.

RWPR1-Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Restoration of Historic Buildings

  • Construction complete.

RWPR4-Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Dam Project

  • Design for improvements to the spillways and riverbanks underway.

RWW04-Willson’s Woods Lake Rehabilitation

  • Design for rehabilitation of the area including a perimeter path and pavilion underway.

RP02A-Playland Ice Casino Improvements II

  • COVID-19 Mitigation Measures for Main Rink HVAC systems are in construction.

RP006-Playland Various Rides and Components

  • Rehabilitation of the historic Grand Carousel and Derby Racer Pavilions construction complete.

RP23B-Playland Colonade Rehabilitation

  • Colonnade reconstruction to begin construction shortly.

RP23F-Playland Tower Rehabilitation

  • Reconstruction of the Playland Towers underway.

RP025-Playland Shoreline Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of the Bathhouse and South Bathhouse storefronts are under construction.

RP028-Playland Structural Restoration

  • Restoration of structures for games and food vendors, employee areas, arcades and restrooms - Phase 1 and 2 are in construction, Phase 3 is designed.

RP031-Playland Switchgear Building

  • Construction of new switchgear facility is in construction.

RP033-Playland Fire Suppression System

  • Upgrade of sprinkler systems is in construction.

RP040-Playland Administration Buildings Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of the North and South Administration Buildings are under construction.

RP042-Playland Site Improvements

  • Rehabilitation of the Fountain plaza is in construction.

RP047-Playland Parking Lot Drainage Improvement

  • Rehabilitation of the Pool Parking Lot under construction.
  • Rehabilitation of the Main Parking Lot in design.

RP053-Playland Pool Rehabilitation

  • Reconstruction of the Playland Pool and Central Bathhouse under construction.

RP054-Playland Bathhouse Canopy Replacement

  • Replacement of bathhouse canopy is complete.


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