Here at Westchester County Parks, it is our mission to create life-enriching experiences at safe, clean, affordable parks and preserve our natural resources through responsible leadership.

We think our parks system is one of the best in the country, and so does the prestigious National Recreation and Parks Association, which has awarded us with national accreditation four consecutive times. In fact, we are the only accredited park system in New York State.Throughout the year, we host hundreds of sports, entertainment, educational and community events on our more than 18,000 acres of parkland, which include more than 50 great facilities ranging from golf courses, pools and beaches, parks, to trailways and nature centers. We even have an amusement park, a working farm, historic sites, an arboretum complete with a conservatory, and the Westchester County Center, the county’s main hub for concerts, trade shows, sports, stage shows, meetings and much more.

Anyone who’s ever thought that there’s “nothing to do” will find the perfect antidote in Westchester’s parks. Play ball, take a swim or an invigorating hike, ride a roller coaster at Playland Park, browse stunning art collections or conservatory exhibition, skate on a frozen pond or the indoor Playland Ice in season – the possibilities are endless.

Before you start for a park, check out if you'll need your park pass and if parking fees will be collected. It's always good to know the opening and closing hours of the park. Check this information by going to Parks and Recreational Areas and selecting the park you'll be visiting.

Have you ever considered volunteering your time to help in the parks? We have many fun opportunities for residents to actively participate in the upkeep of our parks.