County Parks offers excellent promotional opportunities to reach your audience.

The Westchester Park system comprises 50 parks and recreational areas sprawling over nearly 18,000 acres of lush parkland. This vast system includes nature preserves, hiking and bicycling trails, pools, beaches, golf courses, a working farm, an arboretum and the Westchester County Center – the county’s most prestigious and largest public entertainment/sports arena and meeting facility.

Westchester County is located directly north of New York City, bordering southern Connecticut and Putnam County, and is nestled between the Hudson River and Long Island Sound. The county's one million residents have a median household income of $64,000, the sixth hightest median income among all counties in the United States. Westchester's unmatched income standard is 75 percent higher than the national average.

It is our philosophy is to offer Westchester residents and visitors the best programs and events, as well as myriad ways to relax and enjoy our vast and beautiful parkland.

Your organization can play a part in our services and programs that are recreational in nature, but that also address serious social issues, including obesity, drug and alcohol use through well-designed sponsorships. Let us help your company reach your desired audience through a tailor-made sponsorship program by calling our marketing office at (914) 231-4500. We will assist you in planning a unique sponsorships that can reach people of all ages and ethnicity through the varied venues we offer.

With three million visits a year from residents, tourists and New York metro area visitors, Westchester County Parks provide life-enriching recreational, cultural, entertainment, and educational programs that cater to a diverse population of all ages and interests. 

Westchester County residents, representing a diverse cultural community, are avid consumers who want to be informed about the choices they make. Hispanics are the largest growing ethnic group in the county, comprising almost 16 percent of the population. The African-American community of Westchester has grown to over 14 percent of the population and the Asian community makes up over 4 percent. Seniors are 17 percent of the population.

We encourage you to invest in our parks to reach to our residents - an audience with limitless return potential.