Consider a sponsorship at one of the Annual Heritage FestivalsCounty parks offer special cultural events for the entire family. The outdoor events below describe the sponsorships available at this time.


Free outdoor movie events at Kensico Dam Plaza, Valhalla
Families from all over the county descend on Kensico Plaza for a magical evening with picnic suppers and blankets to watch such wonderful films as Shrek and E.T. on a giant  screen. It is the ultimate family event.

Title Sponsor: $30,000 (per event)
Co-sponsor: $15,000
Contributor: $ 5,000
Supporter: $ 2,500
Dates: Vary
Attendance: 10,000 per screening
Audience: Families - with children 15 and under
Sponsorship deadline: April

Music Fest and Fireworks at Kensico Dam, Valhalla

An evening of live music at the county’s most popular park for an Independence Day celebration - all free of charge to event-goers. The performance is followed by a spectacular fireworks presentation.

Title Sponsor: $45,000
Co-Sponsor: $15,000
Contributor: $ 5,000
Supporter: $ 3,000
Date: July 3
Attendance: 10,000
Audience: Families - with children 15 and under
16 through young adult; seniors
Sponsor deadline: April

Cultural Heritage Series – Kensico Dam Plaza and Ridge Road Park
Join Westchester in celebrating the rich cultural diversity in supporting one or more one-day events from May through September.  Each event features the culture of each nationality including its music, dance, dress, foods, crafts and more.  

 Albanian  African-American  Ecuadorian  Indian  Italian   Jewish
   Asian-American  Hispanic  Irish  Polish    


Title Sponsor: $50,000 (series)
Co-sponsor $12,000 (per show)
Contributor: $ 3,000 (per show)
Supporter: $ 1,000 (per show)
Dates: Sundays May through September
Attendance: 50,000 (series)
Audience: Families - ethnicity based upon celebration
Sponsor deadline: April