Interpretive programs at Lenoir Preserve are led by trained environmental educators and offered year-round for school, scout and community groups. Programs are approximately one hour in length and can accommodate up to 30 participants for a fee of $100. Program content can be tailored to all grade and interest levels from pre-school to adult. All programs are a great way to get people involved in their local environment and in hands-on learning.

Year-round programs
Grades K-Adult Nature Hike
Hike the trails of Lenoir and use observational skills and senses to discover a wide variety of plant and animal life. Themes vary according to the season and group specifications. Environmental education programs are offered to schools, clubs, scouts and other groups by advance reservation. Group size is limited to 30, with a modest fee based on group size and length of program. Topics can be tailored to the needs and interests of the group and include: hawk watching, tracking, organic gardening, and gardening with native species.
Grades K-Adult Tree Study Walk the park in search of different tree types, studying their leaves, bark and fruit. Learn about forest succession, what a wolf tree is and how a tree grows. Older children will use microscopes to observe leaf structure, younger children will make leaf rubbings.
Spring and Autumn
Grades K-Adult Ponding Learn about tiny pond creatures and look for them in our dragonfly pond. Take a closer look at dragonfly nymphs, water boatmen and other water bugs while you learn about the life cycles of these creatures. Dip into the pond to search for life and further investigate that life with microscopes and magnifying glasses.
Grades K-Adult World of Insects Search for insects, taking an up-close look at our dragonfly pond, butterfly garden and forest floor. Use hand lenses, field guides and your senses to examine the fascinating world of invertebrates.  
Grades K-Adult Organic Gardening Our gardens are organically grown and provide a valuable habitat for a variety of wildlife. Visit the gardens and learn about the food chain and the human link in the chain of life. Become familiar with the process of decomposition and the important role decomposers play.
Grades K-Adult Nesting Birds
Examine a variety of bird nests and try your hand at building a nest yourself, using materials available at the nature center. Learn to bird by ear and then go out on the trails to listen and look for signs of birds nesting. View some of the blue bird boxes installed by the Hudson River Audubon Society that are regularly used by a variety of birds.
Grades 4-Adult Birds of Prey
Lenoir Preserve is a primary viewing location for the fall hawk migration. This program introduces some of the concepts of weather change as they relate to the movement of bird of prey south for the winter. We’ll discuss breeding, wintering and migration paths of these birds, as well as field identification markings such as flight patterns and silhouetted appearance. Then it’s out into the field to observe these great creatures.
Grades K-Adult Winter Wildlife

Learn how animals and plants survive the winter. What adaptations do local species have and how do they respond to changes in the seasons? On a hike of the property we will look at trees, flowers, dragonflies, raccoons and other animals and plants native to Lenoir.