Westchester County CenterCelebrating more than 75 years, the Westchester County Center has been a prime setting for thousands of indoor concerts, trade shows, sporting events, meetings, theatrical presentations and conventions. More than 800,000 visitors walk through the County Center’s doors each year.

Name Entertainer Concerts – Main Hall
Concerts are held in the Main Hall that seats 4,400. It’s the perfect venue to see a concert without waiting in line with tens of thousands of other fans. And, it’s an opportunity to promote to a captive audience. Dates and concerts to be chosen upon availability.

Title Sponsor:  $40,000
Co-sponsor:   $20,000
Contributor:  $10,000 
Dates:  To be determined
Attendance: 4,400 per concert
Audience: To be determined
Sponsor deadline:  Six months prior to show


Slam Dunk Basketball - High School's Best
This annual tournament hosts metro area and top local teams. Many Slam Dunk alumni have gone on to play in the NBA and with Division One college teams including Duke and North Carolina.

Title Sponsor: $30,000
Co-sponsor: $ 10,000
Contributor: $ 5,000
Supporter: $ 2,000 
Dates: December
Attendance: 10,000(Series)
Audience: Families: Teen-aged high school students
Sponsor deadline: August

Annual Cheerleading Invitational
The Best of the Best Schools from all over the New York metro area participate in this three-day competition that includes varsity and junior varsity teams. The finalists get to compete for college scholarship funds.

Title Sponsor: $10,000
Co-sponsor: $ 5,000
Contributor: $ 3,000
Supporter: $ 1,500 
Dates: November or December, 2 days
Attendance: 5,000
Audience: Varsity and Junior Varsity school aged children and Parents
Sponsor deadline: August


Salute to Seniors This event brings together Westchester’s growing senior population for a symposium of business and health concerns through an exposition and includes entertainment and crafts.

Title Sponsor: $ 5,000
Co-sponsor: $ 2,500
Contributor: $ 1,000
Supporter: $ 500 
Dates: December and May Events
Attendance: 5,000
Audience: Westchester’s senior citizens
Sponsor deadline: January

Advertising opportunities are another option. They represent year-long exposure to hundreds of thousands of visitors and customers. Options include:

Outdoor Message Marquee
Outdoor logos and sponsorships can be seen by over 20,000 car passengers a day at the County Center’s busy intersection.

Logo Sponsors:  $10,000 (starting fee per month)

County Center Banners
Maximize your exposure by proudly displaying a banner in the center’s Main Hall which receives 500,000 visitors a year. Contact us for specifications.

Annually: $2,800
Semi: $1,500
Quarterly: $   800
Monthly: $   300

Calendar of Events
This monthly calendar is distributed to more than 10,000 customers through the mail, e-mail and to visitors.

Rate sheet and samples are available. Advertising is subject to monthly deadline.