GlassHouseConservatorySince its dedication as Westchester County’s first public arboretum in 1991, Lasdon Park and Arboretum has grown with new plant collections, trails and paths, building renovations and many new programs. Over the years, the park has become the horticultural focal point in Westchester County.

The establishment of a public greenhouse will truly make Lasdon Park and Arboretum a year-round botanical attraction. A new conservatory will allow Lasdon to host public horticultural shows, displays and programs within a greenhouse environment. We will use this conservatory to bring a new botanical interest to the residents of Westchester and to help educate the public about plant conservation in our diverse world environment.

What is a conservatory and what will it do?
A conservatory is a greenhouse that contains indoor botanical plant collections that can be educational, scientific, aesthetic, or a combination of all three. Lasdon’s conservatory will be used for rotating educational displays and programs featuring such topics as medicinal plants, butterfly gardens, holiday plants, orchids, bonsai and carnivorous plants.

In addition, we will incorporate global concerns such as rain forest conservation and global warming as it relates to plants and natural systems. We will increase our participation in plant research programs in affiliation with other arboretums and botanical gardens throughout the country. Finally, this will be an aesthetic enhancement to Lasdon, with permanent plant collections, water features, an outside patio and attractive landscaping. The conservatory will be available to school groups, organizations, horticultural enthusiasts and to all casual visitors.

What does it cost?
With a little help from our friends, we plan to build and operate this new greenhouse with little or no tax levy. Significant gifts will entitle the donor to a variety of naming opportunities. The building will cost approximately $1 million. In addition, an endowment will be necessary for the maintenance and operation of the building. A fundraising campaign is underway to finance this project. Please use this contribution form to help support the conservatory.