Westchester County

Picnic and Pavilions Fees

Group Picnic Fees and Pavilions

Group picnic feesEnjoy a picnic in the park with family and friends.

For more information or to make a reservation for a group picnic, call the Group Permits Office at (914) 231-4575. To help in the planning process, download the Westchester County map to review picnicking locations.

All rates are subject to change.

If you are interested in reserving areas within Playland Park in Rye, the park accommodates groups from 100 to 10,000 and more for catered outings in a reserved area for their exclusive use. For information and reservations, call (914) 813-7016 or reserve online.

Park Fees Weekday Weekend Park Map
Blue Mountain*    Area 1 & 2 - up to 125 people $175 $225 view park
                          Area 3 - up to 75 people $125 $175
Croton Point Park* Area 1 & 2 - up to 75 people $125 $175 view park
                                  Area 3 & 4 - up to 125 people $175 $225
George's Island* - up to 125 people $175 $225 view park
Ward Pound Ridge* - up to 150 $125 $175 view park
Residents only Weekday Weekend  
Glen Island* - up to 75 people  $125 $175 view park
V. E. Macy Park* - up to 75 people $125 $175 view park
Saxon Woods Park - up to 75 $125 $175 view park
Sprain Ridge Park - up to 75 people $125 $175 view park
Tibbetts Brook Park - up to 75 people $125 $175 view park
Willson's Woods - up to 75 people $125 $175 view park
Pavilion Fees  Weekdays  Weekend
Croton Point*  Pavilion #1 - up to 250 people $300 $450 view park
                          Pavilion #2 - up to 50 people $200 $250
George‚Äôs Island* Up to 200 $300  $450 view park
V.E. Macy* Up to 200 $300  $450 view park
Willson's Woods Up to 100 $175  $225 view park
Residents only Weekdays Weekend  
Glen Island* Up to 200  $300  $450 view park
Ridge Road Park - up to 250  $300  $450 view park
Saxon Woods Park - up to 200  $300  $450 view park
Tibbetts Brook - up to 200  $300  $450 view park

*Car Parking
Parking fees are charged for the following parks: Blue Mountain, George's Island, Glen Island, Croton Point Park, Ward Pound Ridge and Saxon Woods Park.

Fee for picnic guests is $5 per car. A copy of your picnic permit must be presented for access to a park in lieu of a Westchester County Park Pass. Entrance to any pool or beach also requires a park pass or copy of your picnic permit.

Bus Parking
Bus parking fee for groups is $35 per bus, depending on locality. The bus parking fee for senior citizen groups is $6.50 on weekdays only. Up to four buses are allowed at George's Island Park on weekends or holidays.

Ball Fields
In most parks, use of playing fields is on a first-come, first-served basis unless the field is part of the area being reserved. At Tibbetts Brook Park the soccer fields at the south end of the park can be reserved for a fee of $150 per 2-1/2 hour session. The turf fields at the north front end of the park can be reserved through the City of Yonkers. For more information, call (914) 231-4575.